January 18, 2020

I am thrilled to be able to travel to MD next month over the Valentine holiday to teach 3 classes at Dark Odyssey: Winterfire in Baltimore. My first foray into the northern parts of country in the winter time!

Not only that, but Dark Odyssey is an organization that is well known for hosting 4 events a year. I am excited to meet a bunch of new people and make some connections that will hopefully help me to realize my long-term goals.

I am also in conversation with the ToL Chapter in AZ for a weekend stint in June, and hope to be able to go out to East Texas to provide some education in the 2nd or 3rd Quarter of this year.

My current enrollment in an online class to learn how to develop an 8-week online class curriculum is quite amazing, and I am learning a lot of new skills I will be able to bring to the table – including online classes ! 😉 So – those of you that have asked whether or not I offer online classes – I will be able to do that soon. If you have any special requests for class topics, let me know!

Stay healthy and safe, and I hope to see you soon!

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