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I have a few classes in the works that are not quite finished yet. However, should you have interest in any of these, please contact me and we can discuss what I have so far, and potentially prioritize the topic you are interested in.

If there is a topic you would like me to talk/teach about, let me know. I will happily work with you to fill your education needs if it is within my power and knowledge base to do so.

The Challenges of Being a Female Dominant

A discussion of the behavioral, emotional and intellectual differences between Female and Male Dominants, and the many challenges a FD (Female Dominant) has to overcome to establish herself.

Most of these concepts apply to every female-identified person that has to live in today’s primarily heterosexual, hetero-normative, patriarchal society.

However, since I am teaching from personal experience only, the class is presented from a cisgender female viewpoint, trying to establish herself in a primarily heterosexual cisgender male-dominated world.

Emotional Unavailability

Based on the book by Bryn C. Collins, restructured and adapted to our lifestyle. Discover and recognize personality types that are not available for an emotional relationship and avoid the trap.

Transgender/Cisgender Partners and their Challenges

This class will be co-taught with Lee Harrington, and deal with the unique challenges that present themselves for such a partnership, especially when it comes to sex and play.

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