Master Cenna – July, 2021

If you are choosing to be someone that lives outside of the primarily heterosexual, patriarchal society and their accepted normative behavior, you know that there are a lot of other options out there.

It is my intent and purpose to offer you and/or your organization education based on my personal experiences and knowledge gained since 2006.

On this website, you will find my live class catalog separated into two main areas, along with a short description of each class. I realize that live events are just now starting back up; however, it is never too soon to book events and fill the calendar for the future!

I have written some blogs, with each entry being a self-contained ‘Food for Thought’ exercise/lesson around the topics of relationships (with or without P/E dynamics) and consensual power exchange dynamics. Feel free to go browse and get a feel for who I am, how I think, and view the world at large. Comments and discussions are welcome! By subscribing below, new blog entries will be emailed to you as I write them; although under no circumstances will that be more than once a week – if that. 🙂

Feel free to CONTACT me if you would like to engage myself either virtually or for live events down the road.

I am super excited that you came by to visit – I hope to see you soon either at an event or online! 🙂