Our House Patch

House Haven is a hierarchical structured, polyamerous Leather Household led by Master Cenna and her husband.

My husband and I started living an alternative lifestyle in 2006. We got involved with BDSM in general, closely followed by discovering the world of Leather. Once we got hooked on Power Exchange Relationships (P/E), we dove into Polyamory.

At this time, we find ourselves looking back at years of adventure, learning and personal growth. However, we did not get to the successful part easily. Along the way me made many mistakes, had many heartaches, found and lost a few relationships, and learned a lot of lessons.

We grew personally and as a Family, all while raising a child at the same time. Currently our Household has 6 members, one of which (myself) is very active in the Community as a mentor and educator among other things.

Master Cenna

August 2019 – photo by Kaprese Andre

I am a Queer Leatherwoman, Dominant Sadist, Head of Household to my Leather Family, and as of November 2019, a Community-Covered Leather Master.

I started my journey in 2006, graduated from a one-year mentorship program (Austin Mentors Program) for Dominants in 2009, and took over the administration of said program for the following two years.

Starting in 2013, I began offering classes and workshops of various topics in addition to continuing to serve as both Mentor and Intensive Instructor for the Austin Mentors Program.

I served as both Security and Educational Council for SAADE, an education-focused BDSM group in Austin. I have been actively involved in the Austin and Dallas communities since 2009, and added Oklahoma City in 2017.

My workshops and classes have been offered multiple times at the GWNN Bash (Austin), Women in Leather Fest (Dallas), Beyond Vanilla (Dallas), Kinkfest (Oklahoma City), Leather Pride (Austin), Oklahoma City LeatherFest, as well as various smaller venues and events in Texas and Oklahoma.

Starting with MAsT Weekend in Kansas City in November 2019, I began to travel outside of TX and OK to offer my classes to small and large events across the nation. My schedule can be found in the “Events” section of this website.