Class: The Ugly Side of Poly-Anything

Non-monogamous relationships – the excitement, the sharing, the spreading of love, the filling of needs by more than one emotionally attached partner, the compersion!  All that awesome goodness that poly-based relationships can be…

However, as anyone that has engaged in non-monogamous emotional relationships can attest, it is not a rose without its thorns.  I have engaged in polyamory since 2008, and have been stuck and bled plenty – I can attest first-hand to the ugly side of emotional poly-anything.

This 90 min class will examine the intellectual, situational, and emotional pitfalls that can occur when engaging in non-monogamous relationships. We will discuss each section by way of examples, and talk about some tools and strategies that can be employed once the proverbial s*** has hit the fan.

I understand and acknowledge that this topic, especially if more than one partner of any given polycule is present, can be upsetting and potentially emotionally hijacking. I want this to be a safe place for folks that attend, and will enforce a polite and calm environment. If any individual is not able to remain polite, I will ask for them to leave.