Relationships & Polyamory

Relationships are hard work no matter what they look like, and the skills one needs for successful relationships apply to all relationships – whether you are monogamous or polyamerous. In this category you will find classes that will provide tools to improve your relationships and possibly offer different viewpoints that will enhance your existing and future relationship adventures.


Polyamory is a valid way of building loving relationships that nourish and feed us on many levels, and is practiced by a not insignificant percentage of the US population. However, being polyamorous comes with many challenges that a monogamous relationship does not have to face. More people in your life means more relationships, and – as we all know – relationships take work.

There are great resources out there, online and as books, that will introduce the concepts and ideas of how to do Poly and do it well. What you will find here are my very personal own experiences, and I am not an expert by any stretch. I will tell you about all the stuff that can, does, and will go wrong, the stuff that gets ugly, the emotional upsets you will have to deal with. Don’t get me wrong – I am all about the poly lifestyle, and would not trade it for anything. However, I also firmly believe in informed consent, and in my opinion that should include an idea of all the things that can go wrong.

Relationship Skills

Toolboxes – everyone should have one or two to deal with the inevitable difficulties that will occur in their relationship(s). Are you consistently picking the wrong person and wonder why? Are you unable to get through to your partner when discussing issues that come up? Perhaps you wish you had de-escalating skill when an argument developed and got out of hand? Do you feel that your current communication skills could use a bit of polishing?

This is where you will find some classes that may help. They are build on a combination of personal experience and the adapted content of applicable self-help books that have helped me build MY toolboxes, which in turn have improved my relationships greatly.