Overcoming Jealousy – My Personal Journey

This class is literally about myself and how I/we managed to make the change.  It is personal and genuine, it discusses mistakes made and epiphanies gained, it talks about the practicalities and realities of the personal work involved.  Especially the realities … It ain’t easy being poly.  


  • Personal prerequisites, 
  • Primary relationship health 
  • Right person as the third 
  • Head vs. heart
  • Trust & jealousy
  • Repressing or dismissing jealousy or negative feelings
  • Communicating feelings & state of mind
  • Reassurances from primary partner
  • Willingness to sacrifice time (with secondary partner)
  • Landmines – small stuff will get you
  • Expose yourself to flare-ups
  • Be busy while he/she dates someone else
  • Do not compromise
  • Do not compare relationships or partners
  • Privacy
  • Time management
  • Difference between mono-trust and poly-trust
  • Solid concerns and red flags