Student Feedback

Whips 201

  • “Fantastic!”
  • “Professional, engaging, lovely”
  • “More than met my expectations, YES!”
  • “Awesome class, 2nd class with her this week. FANTASTIC presenter!”

Dancing with Whips

  • Presenter provided and excellent class and exhibited experience in using the techniques and in teaching them
  • Skill and knowledge has increased.
  • We always look for the “one” thing at these events that we can take home and use.  We found it!  We love whips and now have something new to incorporate into our play 
  • Love LOVE her class! ( exclamation point has a heart)
  • Fantastic! That was INCREDIBLE to watch
  • Awesome Demo
  • Holy SHIT! I want my turn!

Monogamy to Polyamory

  • “Wanted to explore more dynamics of Poly, how to navigate it”
  • “Loved it! Stayed on topic and it turned into a fantastic space to share tools and viewpoints.”
  • “Realistic discussion”
  • “I appreciated the open forum discussion and round table format.”
  • “The open group discussion was very helpful”
  • “Wished there had been more discussion (time)”

The Ugly Side of Poly

  •  The information that was presented was excellent
  • Knowledge has increased
  • Everyone was very engaged
  •  Good class. Clearly presented. Used humor well.
  • Provided positive feedback to participants and was approachable.
  • Unique class on what the ugly side of poly is and how to deal with it.
  • Would have liked to have had longer to express the points
  • Really Excellent. Useful

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