Camp Crucible in May 2020!

I am VERY excited to have been invited to teach at Camp Crucible at the end of May 2020! (Event Information here)

Having heard from numerous people about how awesome this event is, and how it merges several alternative lifestyles into one cohesive camp-out for 9 days, I am super stoked! Also – Ramblewood! Also – Lee Harrington will be in attendance as well, teaching several classes. Looking at a lot of education, fun and shenanigans! 😉

Current discussion with the event organizers are over two poly classes (The Nuts and Bolts of Successful Poly & The Ugly Side of Poly-Anything) and two hard-skill classes (Whips and Sharps). As soon is this is confirmed, I will update the post accordingly.

Can you hear me giggle excitedly? ‘Cuz I am! 🙂

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