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Hello my beloved perverts!

While I was trying to figure out a neutral-ish topic for this blog, I was once again stumped. I have no interest in writing about politics, COVID, racism or any other kind of ugliness that is going on right now. There are plenty of folx that have opinions on any and all of those and proliferate extensively on said opinions. So I posed a request for ideas on FB, and got some interesting suggestions … some serious, some less so.

So lets start with the first one: Gardening. 😀 Yeah, that is right … kink in the garden. As I am rolling that idea around my brain with quite a bit of mirth, I came up with a couple of thoughts on the topic. Mind you – I am a certified sadist, so take any suggestions with a couple of grains of salt!

Idea 1 – When I get my garden beds ready for planing in the spring, I utilize technology as much as I can. To that end, I purchased a small electric tiller a few years back, and it turns over and loosens up the dirt and mixes in compost all in one fellow swoop. But what if you don’t have a tiller, or can’t afford one? If you have a submissive, you have all you need to get the job done! Strip them down, slather them up in some high- grade sunscreen, give them a hat and a smallish hand-shovel, a bag of cow manure and set them free! Get your camping chair, a nice beverage and compliment them on their hard work! Or not. Up to you. 😛 Oh – don’t forget to hose them down with a water hose when they start looking to dry … randomly … just cuz you can.

Idea 2 – Watering can be a pain in the ass if you have a large property with fruit and vegetable plants all over the damn place rather than nicely contained in one area. A stripped down, sun-screen slathered gleaming body can do the job for you while you enjoy your cock-a-tiel in a hammock on the shade … think pool-boy kinda thing ….

Idea 3 – Harvesting … how about a attack of the killer-cucumbers? Murderous squash? Kinky zucchini?

Ever smeared blue berries all over a body and let it sit for a few minutes? Go ahead and try to wash THAT color off … which could lead to … cookie monster play???

Got someone that does not like their feet touched, but there are numerous grape vines in your yard? Well … obviously those need squashing in a tub to make grape juice. Or wine. Squashing with very cleaned up bare feet for sure.

Had a monster harvest of jalapenos this year? Those sure need to be sliced and diced prior to freezing – YO! Don’t touch your eyes for the next three days!

“I wonder if I can peel one of these and stick them up your butt?” deliberated out loud can also result in some fun.

… huh …. I wonder if you can stick a bunch of cherries in someone’s butt and then have them force-fart them at a target? …

Idea 4 – seriously NOT nice! Got some standing water somewhere with a nice crop of mosquitoes? How about working your sub up to a nice sweat and tying them close to said standing water at dusk? Want to talk about a lazy dom scene … lasting itches and memories galore! It will give you some peace on the porch though to enjoy the evening without those pesky skeeters trying to eat you up. Just saying. Service at its most dedicated ….

Another idea was “New Dynamics in the Age of Social Distancing“. A fine suggestion, and I think I will do that for next week – thank you Velvet! I want to spend some time thinking on that. The Boy and I have developed a class idea around Intentional Relationship Design that would be quite applicable in that we were long-distance for a year prior to him moving to Austin. Stay tuned for next week’s Blog on that topic!

That is it for this week, guys. If you have any specific ideas or requests you would like me to tackle, please let me know!

Go ye forth and be kinky! But safely!
Ms Cenna


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  1. Tolle Ideen……kann man das auch auf einer Terrasse machen? Wir haben allerdings nur Blumen darauf stehen 🙂

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